I often get the question now, “So, is the transition to 2 harder or easier than 1?” In some ways, I feel like it’s a funny question. Like, of course taking care of 2 children (one being a child entering the terrible 2s) is more difficult than taking care of 1. When you add a child, no matter how many kids you have, you are adding another human being to take care of and keep alive! However, I am going to try and answer this question. Continue reading

Lilia’s Birth Story (With Pictures)

It was about 4:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday, September 16th. I looked over at my sister who had been visiting since Monday and told her that something was up. I was feeling “different.” More crampy, but in an impending labor kind of way. Haha. Shortly after that, I started having mild contractions. Based on my last delivery, I knew that mild contractions didn’t necessarily mean anything and that this could go on for a few days. The contractions were consistent enough that I was pretty sure I was in early labor, and I knew I had a long night ahead of me. Because of the graciousness of God, I did sleep a little that evening in between contractions. I woke up pretty discouraged, but I had an appointment already that morning, so I was looking forward to that.  Continue reading

To my son, the little (almost) big brother


Dear Logan,

Well, your baby sister is coming in about 4 weeks, give or take. I have no idea what to expect. I know the initial days will be long and hard and sleepless. But, overall, I’m not even sure what to expect. Not just because I will all of the sudden be a mommy to TWO of you, but also because all I have known is YOU. My spunky little boy.


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What Reading Has Meant to Me


My husband and I went on a weekend trip without our little sweetheart for the first time a few weekends ago. I brought my kindle and was able to crack open a book (that wasn’t a Christian self-help book OR a parenting book that is) for the first time since Logan was born. I chose “The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics” by Daniel James Brown. Continue reading

The Acceptance of Motherhood


For 7 years, summers were:

sleeping in until 9:00.

making coffee and eating cereal while watching Kelly and Michael.

afternoons spent babysitting a spunky girl by the pool.

reading. reading. and so much reading.

long summer evening walks with my husband, hand in hand, dreaming and laughing.

I was a teacher, so while the school year was intense, summers were blissful. School years were amazing in different ways. I loved what I did, and felt validated doing it. I got to act, direct, and teach. My schedule was packed with helping students, rehearsals, and still time to spend with my husband at home.

Why am I telling you all of this? Continue reading

A Worrier’s Prayer

As you may have seen from previous posts, I do better with schedules and plans. I also have to work to make sure that a ritual or a plan doesn’t become my master, but that it aids in my sanctification rather than tries to control it. For now, I have started a morning prayer that has blessed my heart tremendously. It has helped me in my days of worry or my particular struggles with health anxiety. You have every right to now ask:

What is this magic prayer? Continue reading

What’s in a name?

These days, it can feel like more of a competition than anything when naming your kid. We have all sorts of interesting and different names coming at us from Hollywood. There seems to be a push to be different. There is also a trend right now to look at family names and pick a name based on your genealogy. I love the idea of keeping names in the family. Generation after generation we *are* all family after all, aren’t we? Logan’s middle name is Dean and that is his grandpa’s (Pop’s) name and his daddy’s middle name. I was happy to keep it in the family, especially since Dean is such a good name! 😉 Continue reading

The New Vacation


We were at the pool today with our sweet, incredibly active 19 month old, and I noticed a lady with a little one a tad younger than Logan. She was chasing the little girl while the little girl kept falling over into the ankle deep water. The woman was right there to catch her every time. I looked at her and said, “Going to the pool is not as relaxing as it used to be!” She laughed and said emphatically, “No, it isn’t!”

This is the new vacation. Nathan and I used to enjoy long, hot days at the pool, quiet dinners at fancy restaurants, leisurely night walks as the sun set over the ocean. Vacation looks a lot different now.

This is our last evening of our first Disney trip with Logan. I’m not going to lie, I was a tad nervous for this trip. I was always one of those people that said I would never take my children to Disney until they were at LEAST 4 years old. My mom approached me about taking a trip to Orlando to visit her mom so that Logan could spend some time with his great-grandma. Eventually, through the process of planning this trip, Disney became inevitable. Ah! What are we thinking?!

I just want to share some thoughts on this new vacation of a life we now live.

It was wonderful.


Logan’s favorite part of the trip was the open petting zoo at the Animal Kingdom.

My new favorite picture of my buddy and me.  :)

My new favorite picture of my buddy and me. 🙂

Honestly, there were so many moments I quietly thanked the Lord for the beauty of laughter, rest and fun. He is the Giver of so many wonderful gifts, and I was able to turn my gratefulness to Him into small moments of worship throughout the trip. Did everything go according to plan? Absolutely not! Behind each adorable photo I posted on Facebook was a temper tantrum because someone didn’t want to get back into the stroller for the 100th time, or a little boy running the opposite direction in every. single. line. (Child does not like lines.) “Active” is an understatement when describing Logan. In one line, a lady said, “I always thought those parents who put leashes on kids were crazy, but after seeing your little guy, I think I would invest in one.” Hahahahaha!

Watching Logan have so much fun and also enjoying time together as a family made all the hard stuff worth it. I am a scheduler. I like Logan to take his naps and go to bed when he is supposed to. It works for us; it keeps him happy. I am actually a firm believer in schedules being what kids need. But, I knew if a trip like this was going to work, I needed to be a little flexible. One day, we tried napping at the park, while the next we took Logan back to the hotel for a nap and then went back out in the evening. The 2 days we did that, I did feel a little guilty. It was so nice outside and here we were in the hotel! But, you know what? This pregnant momma needed a nap and Logan certainly needed a nap, and we all were much more refreshed for an enjoyable evening out!

Sheer joy. Thank you, Lord for joy.

Sheer joy. Thank you, Lord for joy.

4 generations! And Donald.

4 generations! And Donald.

If you are planning a trip in the future with your young child, just enjoy every minute. Does every day go perfectly and as planned when we are all at home? No. Of course not. So we shouldn’t expect every day to go perfectly on vacation. There will be tantrums, children will be overtired, etc. But, the time we get to spend together as a family without the distractions of home and work or worth it. Try not to be afraid to take a break from the every day to mix things up a little and spend some time as a family. It may go well; it may not. But our children certainly will remember the fun times way over their own times of fussiness or tiredness.

Goodbye Disney! You bet we will be back!



We loved having Gigi with us!

We loved having Gigi with us!


18 Months: And the truth behind “it gets easier.”


As I have been a mom for now 18 months, I feel like I have learned that moms come in many different styles if you will. I watch some moms who seem to be so strong. They have 3 kids running around and are able to hold conversations with me while I am constantly checking on Logan out of the corner of my eye. I don’t think it is a secret to my friends and family and maybe some of you who read this blog that motherhood does not come naturally to me. I had a hard time leaving my job at work, I had a hard time accepting that my new reality consisted of cooking and cleaning 3 meals a day, trying to communicate with someone who can’t speak, wiping lots of poo, Continue reading

Breakfast Challenge Update – and more recipes

I have pretty much kicked the cereal habit! So happy to be away from so much refined sugar in the mornings! I did have cereal maybe twice this month. I allowed myself to cheat once a week. Making my breakfasts has been a lot more time-consuming, so some days, it’s just easier to pour a bowl of cereal! And that’s ok. Continue reading