Breakfast Challenge Update – and more recipes

I have pretty much kicked the cereal habit! So happy to be away from so much refined sugar in the mornings! I did have cereal maybe twice this month. I allowed myself to cheat once a week. Making my breakfasts has been a lot more time-consuming, so some days, it’s just easier to pour a bowl of cereal! And that’s ok. Continue reading

These are the days

s2014jacphotography-kaser064Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge fan of the television show Parenthood. The show is on its last leg with only 2 episodes left in the series. I always get a little sentimental at the end of a favorite series. I am the same way with the end of a good book. These characters cease to exist and their lives must be tidied up, and I have to hope and trust that the writer or author does the story and the characters justice.

I just finished watching last night’s episode and I was lying in bed awake, knowing I just had to write this post. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode there are some minor spoilers headed your way. Continue reading

Breakfast Challenge

Ok, everyone, it’s time to make some changes in my eating habits. My two main goals are cutting back on sugar and cutting back on processed food. When I sat back and thought about how I was going to accomplish this, I became overwhelmed. SO, I decided to start slow. I am starting with breakfast.

Every morning I have a cup of coffee with quite a bit of flavored creamer. Some might say I have some coffee with my creamer. Ha. I also have a bowl of cereal. So, breakfast really is the perfect place to start Continue reading