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Joy. I grew up hearing that there was a huge difference between joy and happiness. You lick an ice cream cone as a child, and you feel happy. You savor the taste. You don’t mind the sticky drippings on your hands and chubby fingers. It’s a hot, beautiful day and there is nothing to worry about. Happiness. But, joy is different. Joy is being able to be content in whatever state weย are in. Life hands usย trials and tragedies and we somehowย remain at. . . what is that feeling? Peace.

Hello, my name is Rebecca Kaser and I struggle with anxiety. Phew. It feels good to get that out. But, I’m learning I am not the only one. So, instead of letting my anxiety absolutely destroy my joy, I am going to strive to find joy in my daily journey. I am a new stay-at-home momma just trying to figure this whole new role out.

So, this is a blog for women, and not just women who struggle with anxiety, but for women who want to find joy in the mundane – the diapers, the cooking, the cleaning. How can we fight the battle going on in our minds and find daily peace and joy?

As a disclaimer, all posts in this blog will be written and filtered through the lens of Scripture. I strive to glorify and honor Christ with every word I write. Because of His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, and only because of this, am I free to pursue daily joy.


View More: http://christarenephotography.pass.us/kaser-familyView More: http://christarenephotography.pass.us/kaser-familyView More: http://christarenephotography.pass.us/kaser-familyView More: http://christarenephotography.pass.us/kaser-familyView More: http://christarenephotography.pass.us/kaser-family



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  3. Hi Rebecca! I am a man, so I hope it’s ok that I comment here. But I too struggle with anxiety, health anxiety to be specific, both for myself and my wife and children. I have been reading what you have been writing and I can relate to it. I hate that I am this way, but am finding that this is the “thorn that God has given me”. Please keep writing and I will keep reading!

    • Thanks for commenting! Male comments are welcome too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Healthy anxiety is the worst! I wish I could overcome it completely too, but you are right; it is the thorn that keeps drawing us closer to Christ bc we aren’t strong enough without Him! So we keep fighting!

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