Hello. My name is Becca. I’m a lover of beauty, books, music, theater, and my family. A follower of Jesus Christ, my aim is to glorify Him simply by learning how to shine with joy through every ordinary moment He gives me. Joy is my middle name, and I’m so serious about it that I even tattooed it on my body. How’s that for permanent joy?


I am first and foremost, a daughter. As a daughter of my King, Jesus Christ, I strive to be a woman who finds her strength and identity in being simply that… A daughter. A woman fighting for joy among the seemingly ordinary moments of life. A woman endeavoring to be confident yet graceful, bold yet feminine, and out-spoken yet meek.

I am 33 years old, a wife of 11 years to a brilliant home builder, and a mother to two vibrant, growing, energetic children.

I believe only in writing from my heart and anyone reading my posts can rest assured that what they are reading is coming from a place of honesty from my very heart to your eyes.

In a world desperately seeking to point us to what only fills us with a fake and temporal happiness, let’s together seek that which is true and eternal in order to find a joy that lasts only when when we find it in Christ.







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  3. Hi Rebecca! I am a man, so I hope it’s ok that I comment here. But I too struggle with anxiety, health anxiety to be specific, both for myself and my wife and children. I have been reading what you have been writing and I can relate to it. I hate that I am this way, but am finding that this is the “thorn that God has given me”. Please keep writing and I will keep reading!

    • Thanks for commenting! Male comments are welcome too! 🙂 Healthy anxiety is the worst! I wish I could overcome it completely too, but you are right; it is the thorn that keeps drawing us closer to Christ bc we aren’t strong enough without Him! So we keep fighting!

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