To my son, the little (almost) big brother


Dear Logan,

Well, your baby sister is coming in about 4 weeks, give or take. I have no idea what to expect. I know the initial days will be long and hard and sleepless. But, overall, I’m not even sure what to expect. Not just because I will all of the sudden be a mommy to TWO of you, but also because all I have known is YOU. My spunky little boy.


We have had 2 precious years together, just you and me and daddy. You have taught me so much in these short 2 years. Our time together is about to change, but I want you to know that I will always treasure these first 2 years of being just your mommy. My favorite time of day is when we read together before bed and you unashamedly and unabashedly look up at me with genuine love and kiss me multiple times. Don’t forget with all the change coming your way that YOU mean the world to me. You are unique and special to me in incredible ways. We have had a blast these first 2 years! You will never remember them, but trust me – we were buddies. We took on the day together every day!

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I also want you to know that I always wanted a big brother. I had a lot of older guy friends who took on the role growing up, but it was never the same. I could see my friends with big brothers had something so special. They had a constant protector. They had a constant strong and steady influence. They had a constant goofball of a friend at their fingertips. I could not be more thrilled that Lilia gets a big brother!

And my heart is bursting with happiness for her that that big brother is YOU.


You are going to be an amazing big brother. Your face lights up when you see a baby. And you have a God-given gentleness with little baby girls especially. You know the difference and you love them in a special way. Your little hands will turn into Lilia’s world someday, Logan. I promise you. She will look up to you fiercely. She will watch you. She will yearn to be your best friend. She will need you. I pray you keep that same gentleness as you grow toward your little sister. I pray that sweet affection you show me will not be shoved to the side because it isn’t “manly” according to society. I pray you will always have a tender spot for your sister and me. That you will love us in a special way.

You have a lot of responsibility as the big brother. The first born. You have an amazing daddy to show you the way. To show you how to be a man that loves his family and puts them before yourself. To love your little sister in special and unique ways that help her grow into a strong woman. You have no idea how lucky she is to have you and how much she will love you. I know it.

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Little Logan. You won’t always be so little. You won’t always be so innocent. I pray you will always be so loving. I love you so much more than you will ever know. Thank you for being exactly who you are.


Your Mommy


P.S. Also, if you could keep up being such an amazing sleeper after Lilia gets here, that would be fabulous. mmmmmmk? Thanks, bud.

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