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I’m really not a huge Pinterest person. I get very overwhelmed by all the cuteness, and let’s be honest, I am NOT crafty. Thankfully, I have a builder husband who can take a picture and recreate it! So, when we decided to build, I became a Pinterest person for a few months. I thought some of you would be interested in seeing a few of our Pinterest Projects.

First, as an update – we are really enjoying our new home. Nathan has a huge gift. God has blessed him with a beautiful craft. He can take an old home and make it look brand new and he can also take a piece of land and build a beautiful new home on it from scratch. We decided to build from the ground up this time. A lot of people have asked for pictures, and I may post some in a blog post eventually. We shall see! If you would like to see my husband’s work, you can visit his website,

Ok – project #1. I did not want an ordinary fireplace. So I searched and searched and finally found this picture on Pinterest that I loved! I sent the pic to Nathan who informed me that finding the wood for this particular fireplace would be no easy task. Of course I said, “Oh it’ll be fine. FIND IT.” Hahaha! I think he did a good job; what do you think?

Pinterest Picture

Pinterest Picture


Finished Product

On to project #2! I like to be organized! I wanted a very organized mudroom, especially with a growing family. So, I found the following picture on the top and our rendition is on the bottom.

Pinterest Picture

Pinterest Picture

Finished product

Finished product

Project #3. Shiplap! So apparently, shiplap is like a thing. I had no idea until my friend told me how popular it is on “Fixer Upper.” I just saw it on Pinterest and thought it looked cool! Logan’s big boy room will be a nautical theme and I put shiplap in there, but that won’t be done for a while. So, I’m showing you the picture of our half bath! Top pic is the Pinterest inspiration and bottom is our bathroom.

Pinterest Project

Pinterest Project

I want to paint it, but Nathan doesn't want to. I am giving in. . . for now.

I want to paint it, but Nathan doesn’t want to. I am giving in. . . for now.

Project #4 is my favorite because we worked on this one together! I found this welcome sign on Pinterest.

Pinterest Picture

Pinterest Picture

So, I asked Nathan to help me and we came up with our own version below! I am pretty pleased with it!



I could not have done any of this without the help of my husband! I have had many more Pinterest failures over the years, but who wants to post those, right?

Finding joy in our new home!


One thought on “Pinterest Projects

  1. I had the privilege to go with Nathan to some of the homes he remodeled. I admired the craftsmanship and contemporary flair so evident in all the homes I saw. Can’t wait to see your new home. The pictures look great and everything seems so organized. How blessed can you get with such talent. Sending all my love, Nanny

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