Reading-themed first birthday party

I am not crafty. I am not “pinteresty.” I am not even very creative. So I have been trying to plan Logan’s first birthday┬áparty for a while now since I knew I would need time to come up with good ideas. I also have a lot of talented friends, so I hired different people to make goodies for the party!

I came up with the theme simply because “reading/books” is the theme of Logan’s┬ánursery. I knew I could use all the decor in his nursery and that would save me money. However, Continue reading

A letter to my son

Logan turns one next week. I have known I wanted to write him a letter for his first birthday for a while. Every time I sit down to do it, the words just don’t seem to flow.

My mom made me a box after my first year of life. Growing up, I was told I wasn’t allowed to open it until I was married. It was so special opening up that box with my mom the night before I was married. In it was a letter my mom had written me. You could see tear stains on it from her tears. So precious, right?

So I carry on the tradition.

Dear Logan, Continue reading