Things I have learned about my MIL


So, it’s no secret that I am pretty obsessed with my little boy. He is quite literally my joy. He is the most precious gift ever given to me. I make no bones about the fact that I will probably be “that” mom. You know, the one swooping in to save him from the bullies, the mean girls pulling his hair, and basically anyone else who hurts my little baby! Have you ever seen “The Goldbergs?” Oh my word, hilarious show. The mom, Beverly, is a totally controlling, obsessed with her children kind of mom and she cracks. me. up.

A couple quotes:

Beverly gets her teenage son a necklace and he asks, “What is this?”

It’s a locket. It’s got my picture inside so you can always have your mother close to your heart. 

Her youngest son, Adam, wakes up to Beverly sitting at the edge of his bed staring at him.

Adam: “Mom, you have to stop watching me sleep!”

Beverly: “Well, if you would let me stare at you during the daytime, we wouldn’t have to do this little dance!”

Oh goodness, it’s like she knows me!

Ok, ok, before you freak out, there is no way my husband is going to let me be that type of mom, so Logan can thank his daddy someday. But, there truly is something special about the bond between a mom and son.

For a time.

Then those boys grow up and they like other girls. And moms become annoying and their baby boys don’t call and they don’t give snuggles and kisses anymore! AH! I can’t even handle the thought.

Since having Logan, I have thought a lot about my husband’s mother. I have grown to appreciate her in a very special way. I have never had any issues with my MIL. She has always been amazing and very kind to me. I’m sure she would have loved to see her son more in the first few years of our marriage, but she let us find our way without interfering too much. She would do anything for any of her children and that includes me and her sons-in-law.

I have thought about how one time, Nathan was a little boy like Logan. He ran up to his mom and gave her hugs and kisses. He held her tight and told her that she was the only woman he would ever love, and even though she knew it wouldn’t be true, I’m sure she clung to that moment. Pure, real love from her baby boy.

Remember, mommas, that our husbands were once cared for so lovingly by that “other” woman in their lives. And we should be so thankful that her gentle rearing of our husbands made them into the men we love today.

So, I am going to enjoy being the light of Logan’s life for now. I know all too soon, he will be ripped away from me by some ravishing beauty. I hope I can be as gracious as my mother-in-law when that time comes.

2 thoughts on “Things I have learned about my MIL

  1. Found your blog after seeing one of your articles on networkofsilver. Great post! 🙂 I definitely feel like I understand and appreciate my MIL more now that I have my own baby boy. I’m already dreading him growing up and leaving and he’s only 8 months old ha! 😛

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