Why write?


A little over a year ago, I started following a blog that spoke to my heart in immense ways. Ami Atkins lost her husband due to a health issue. I knew her husband Jon from my college days. I admit, I didn’t know him well. I believe we had a speech class together. Ami started posting her blog articles on Jon’s page, and that is how I got to know her. She is wise beyond her years and the grace God has shown her is so evident in her life. She has been faced with

what many of us would call one of our “worst case scenarios” and she shines only light through her writing. She is honest; she shows vulnerability; she doesn’t sugar coat her experiences.

And that’s what I love about it. You will not regret checking it out at http://www.whenmercyfoundme.com.

Ami and I eventually connected and she asked me to participate in a blog hop. Basically, you get asked to write on a certain topic, and then you find 3 more people to “hop” to and so on and so forth. I have 3 people that I am “hopping” to and will introduce them to you later!

The topic I am supposed to cover is “Why do I write?” So let me begin:

What am I working on? 

I cannot stop contemplating the fact that my sweet little boy is turning ONE in a few short weeks! I honestly am in shock at how fast this year went. Right now, I am thinking about writing a letter to my son. It’s partly for me and partly for him. But, I want to sit down and write out my thoughts on this past year with my little sunshine lighting up my life in unbelievable ways. So stay tuned! Future blog post soon!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Hmmm. . . Not sure? I guess maybe I am really honest and open about my struggles. So, that’s either transparency or complaining (or maybe both?) Haha! I do try to focus on how to live a life of joy despite my struggles with anxiety. I guess that might be different then your average mommy blog. I try to only write when I am feeling the need. It has to come from inside. Or it will sound fake.

Why do I write what I do?

One day, I just noticed that my life lacked real joy. Plain and simple. I decided to write about it. And it helped. So, I thought, “If this is helping me, why not put it out there in the hopes that it might help someone else?” I write for me, but in the hopes that it will be an encouragement to someone somewhere. I talk a little more about this in my “about” section. That might give you a better idea of why I write what I do.

How does my writing process work?

Writing process? I’m supposed to have a writing process? Seriously. I don’t think I have one! I feel the urge, I sit down, I write, I post. I probably should sit on my writing a little before I make it public to the whole world, but I don’t. I’m too impatient I guess. My post on “Your Wife Just Had a Baby” was on a total whim! I feel like when I try to force my writing, it doesn’t flow as well as when I just sit down and let it come out!

I want to introduce you now to 3 blogging friends who will write in a week or so on this same topic and hop to more friends!


Header_dotsCharity Greene was a student of mine back about 7 or 8 years ago. I taught her freshman speech and I still remember her speech on “dreams.” 🙂 Thanks to the world of Facebook, we were able to keep in touch. She has recently become a consultant with DoTERRA, and I have been enjoying reading about all of the fun things she is learning with essential oils. Would probably make another great speech! 😉 Check out her blog and learn more about natural living! I am a huge proponent of that. She has a neat giveaway right now on her blog which you can find here!



I met Mary last year when we were both pregnant and awaiting our sweet baby boys (my first and Mary’s second). My husband and I knew Mary’s husband in college and we were excited to meet his family for a little barbeque! Mary is the kind of person that makes you feel like you have known her for years. I am disappointed that she moved away before I could get to know her even better! Her Facebook statuses have always cracked. me. up. So, when she said she was starting a blog, it was a no brainer that I would enjoy it! She is funny, witty, and is super down to earth when it comes to being a momma. You MUST check out her blog here!



Stephanie has been a friend of mine since college. We spent a lot of time together because we both majored in the same thing. Stephanie is a very compassionate person. You can tell from her writing that she wants to help others and that she wants other mommas to know they are not alone in whatever they may struggle with. She sells oils with Young Living and talks a lot about natural living in her blog. Her blog is funny, informative, and touching. All 3 wonderful wonderful qualities for a blog! Check her out here







Thanks for reading! 


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