If Music be the Food of Love. . . PLAY ON.

Need some encouragement for your soul today? Play some music. Music has been such grace to me during difficult times. It has always been a very strong and powerful worship tool for me. Especially in my quiet moments alone. During pregnancy, one of the Getty albums was such a balm to my troubled soul. In fact, I listened to it so much that when Logan was born, to get him quiet, we would play one of the songs on the cd that I listened to so much and he would quiet right down. It was familiar to him. I guess it was a balm to his soul too.

Lately, I have been finding deep joy from an album called

“The Art of Celebration” by Rend Collective. I love that their music is infused with Scripture and I love that the words force me to worship. I love the theme of celebration, especially when my heart and mind are at war and I am feeling anxious.

The song that led me to their album is “My Lighthouse.” I can visualize my God carrying me through every storm as my lighthouse. And I absolutely love the allusion to Exodus as God being the fire before us! (I may or may not have gotten that until I watched the video. . ahem. . .)

I’m obviously not getting paid anything to promote this band. Haha. But, I had to share what a blessing this album has been to me. Logan and I have had some nice worshipping time together listening to these songs. Seriously. We have some sweet moments as I listened and prayed over him that these words would be Logan’s heart’s song one day.

I leave you with “My Lighthouse.” Sit down. Take a break. And play on.


And I mean… Seriously. Does anyone else wish you could play like this for even one day? They look like they are having SO much fun!

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