Random thoughts on mothering a BOY

Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to have a boy first. Growing up, I was always jealous of my friends who had older brothers. I am the oldest in my family and while I enjoyed being the oldest, I wanted a big brother. They seemed like so much fun. So as a teenager I would always tell people, “I will have a boy first so he will be the big brother to his siblings.” Even as I got older, friends would say, “You can’t guarantee you will have a boy first, so you will love whatever God gives you.” And I would respond, “Nope, God’s giving me a boy first.” 

Now, of course I would love a daughter. And if that is what God decided to bless me with first, then it would have been wonderful.

The day we found out Logan was a boy was honestly just the best of all days. I remember being so nervous. At this point, I wanted a boy still, but everyone thought I was having a girl, including Nathan. So, I really was ok either way. I remember when the ultrasound tech said it was a boy, Nathan and I were both shocked! Nathan especially really thought we were having a girl. I asked the tech, “Are you sure?” she said, “Well, yes, there is a growth between his legs.” At that point, I thought, “Well, then I guess it better not be a girl!” Haha!

The whole way home from the doctor, I was just beaming. We already knew what the name would be at this point, so I just kept thinking, “I’m having a boy. A little boy. Logan is moving around inside of me.” Nathan was SO excited. I instantly bonded with Logan and continued to love everything BOY from here on out!

I’ve only been a momma to a boy for ten months now. I don’t claim to know much of anything, but here are some thoughts about being a mom to a boy. I’m sure these same thoughts overlap with little girls too, but I am just speaking from my own experience with a boy. 😉

1. Boys completely and totally steal their mommy’s hearts. I mean, I feel like I don’t even own my heart anymore. Logan has full ownership. And that smile! Oh my goodness. Yes, you may have whatever you want. That is my response to this…


2. Boys aren’t allowed to love any other women. Logan will be living with me until he is 25. He is not allowed to fall in love with another icky girl. He needs to take care of his mommy always and forever. (Yes, I know this isn’t true. Yes, I know it will make him a sissy. Yes, I know he will like girls. But, a mom can dream.)

3. Boys are crazy! I can’t keep up with this crazy guy. I am determined to let him be a boy and get dirty and eat bugs. Remind me I said that when he is eating his first worm. Logan falls and hits his head more times than I can count in a day. He is nuts.

4. Boys and their daddies are trouble. They are like a team. I never know what they are conspiring against me. Maybe I need a girlie next to be on my side!


I am beyond excited to continue watching my little boy grow into a man. I want him to embrace all that is fun and adventurous. I want him to love life.  I want to encourage that craziness in him and help him cultivate it into creativity. I want to make sure he takes care of his momma’s heart. That heart that he has stolen from me. And I want him to understand that someday, despite my objections, he will steal another girl’s heart. And he must protect it and cherish it. I already see so much determination in him, and I want him to use that determination to become a leader. I want him and his daddy to have a special relationship. They can conspire against me all they want, as long as they are growing together, learning from each other and taking care of me.

Being a mom to a boy is never boring.

and that brings my heart joy.



What do you think? Have I missed anything?

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