Robin Williams, Hook, and True Satisfaction

I am not a movie re-watcher. In fact there are movies that I would swear to you are in my top 5 favorite movies, yet I have only seen them ONCE. I just do not enjoy re-watching movies or re-reading books even. There is no more surprise I guess. No more suspense.



Every time that movie comes on, I turn it on, expecting to only watch a few minutes, yet I am always sucked in until the bang-arang of an ending! That food fight?! I mean, c’mon, every child watches that and

wants to join in! Robin Williams takes Peter and he slowly transforms him in such a believable way throughout the movie so that you go from disliking him to loving him so much as he throws that phone out the window and kisses his wife in the end! But, you know what is ironic about Robin Williams being Peter Pan in that film? The final line of the movie.

Granny Wendy: So, your adventures are over, Peter.

Peter: Oh, no. To live… to live would be an awfully big adventure.

These final lines get me every time. I live many of my days filled with various worries, and I love how these lines remind me that living is an adventure! Why waste those moments with worry or dread of future disaster?

But Robin Williams has, according to news sources, been struggling with severe depression for a while. And as a result, he took his life. He took away the adventure.

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about Robin Williams or what he was going through. He was obviously struggling deeply, and it breaks my heart when anyone feels like they are in so deep that it isn’t an adventure to even breathe anymore. When actors take their lives, it always hits me a little harder than maybe some because I am an actor. It just breaks my heart.

But, I guess the point of me taking the time to sit down, think through this, and write, is for me to contemplate satisfaction and true joy. We all know that nothing in this world satisfies ultimately. We see that in the tragic death of Robin Williams, someone who seemed to have it all. 

I think that the fact that we will never be satisfied here on this earth is encouraging. When I find myself wondering some days, “I have it all. I have nothing to be sad about. I am in want of nothing. So why am I unsatisfied?” In those moments, I can remind myself that the reason I am not content is because I am not home yet. 

I love this quote by C.S.Lewis:

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.

We are just passing through. Our true joy will be found when we are made complete someday. When our sanctification process is finally over! When we are united with our true Father so that we may worship Him forever. Praise Jesus that this world will never satisfy! How much greater will our joy be when we enter the world we were made for?

Robin Williams, thank you for reminding us that to live is, indeed, a great adventure.

And thank you, Lord, for constantly reminding us that we were made for an even greater adventure.

Finding joy in the anticipation of true satisfaction someday,




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