What’s For Dinner?

One thing I absolutely despise doing is planning our meals for the week. And cooking comes at a close second. Now that our little ten month old is eating solids, I want him to be eating what we eat at dinner. This means I am having to really be a lot more careful about what meals I plan. I am trying to find healthy foods that we can all enjoy at the dinner table.

Before Logan was born, I would sit down every Monday and create a grocery list for the entire week. I would plan our meals for the week also. Then, I would only have to make one trip to the grocery store in a week. Since Logan has blessed our lives, I have NOT been able to maintain this schedule. I am just now starting to get back into the groove of healthy meal planning and scheduling everything out for the week. This week, I have been back to the ‘ole way of doing things and have even planned two new meals for the week! One of them we had last night, and it was fabulous!

Recently, a friend sent me some recipes on pinterest and our meal last night came from her list. Mini ham and cheese quinoa cups! You can find the recipe here. I actually left out the ham to make it a vegetarian meal. We had a bowl of cherries to compliment the dinner! Logan absolutely LOVED it! He devoured two of these little gems and I think he would have kept eating! Lots of protein!

It definitely makes it so much easier for me when I don’t have to find something else for Logan to eat for dinner because he can’t have what we are having. And it is helping us eat healthier too, so – bonus!



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