Is it possible to enjoy cleaning?! Some all-natural tips!

Cleaning. It can be a massive stress reliever. It can also be the last thing I want to do. If this seems random, and you are still unsure what in the world the purpose is for this blog, please check out the “About” section on the top of my homepage. I want us to find daily joy in the mundane activities of life. Something I enjoy is finding more natural ways for my family to live. I would love to share with you what works for us. Natural living is sort of a hobby of mine. I don’t believe I am extreme, but I also do love cutting back on chemicals whenever and wherever I can. So, this will be my first post on natural living, and it is about. . . cleaning! Recently, I have cut back on chemicals that we used to use for cleaning and have tried to find more natural, effective ways to clean my house. I also think it does make cleaning more enjoyable (sometimes. . .). 🙂 A few products that have been working for us are:

1. Norwex. I am in love with this product and have been using it for years! I use their envirocloth to clean all of my counters and I also have their dusting mit for dusting my wood surfaces. I have recently started using their make-up remover cloths to remove my mascara. It does not work as well as my old neutrogena make-up remover, but this will save me money and it works well enough for me to keep using it.

2. what-EVER! Better Life. I fell in love with this product while watching an episode of Shark Tank. They sold me when the guy sprayed it in his mouth! The demo is quite good, and you can view it by clicking on this link. The demo plays during the first 4 or so minutes of the episode. I use this spray for my bathrooms, toilets, sinks, etc. I have no complaints and love it!


3. Essential Oils. I have been using essential oils to clean my floors (wood and tile). I have Norwex’s mopping system and I use a spray bottle with a mixture of water, vinegar and oils that I spray on the floor in sections before mopping. I bought a glass spray bottle (from that looks like this:


I fill it up almost to the top with warm water. I add about a tablespoon of white vinegar. Then I add 5 drops of DoTerra’s oil blend, “On Guard,” and I am going to start adding a few drops of “Lemon.” Both have antibacterial properties and both are all natural! You can buy these oils here if interested!  I love that my floors are getting cleaned with all-natural ingredients since these chubby little hands are all over the floor and then constantly stuffed in the mouth. . .


I’m working on figuring out an all-natural hand sanitizer with my oils next!

Here’s to a day full of cleaning! I mean. . . joy!


4 thoughts on “Is it possible to enjoy cleaning?! Some all-natural tips!

  1. I LOVE doTerra’s On Guard! I keep a small spray bottle of water and On Guard on hand to disinfect all our door knobs and sink handles. I don’t generally like antibacterial gels because of the strong alcohol odor so if you make your own I’d love the recipe. I do, however, love this homemade antibacterial lotion: It takes a minute to soak in but leaves your skin silky soft. We like it on our feet, too!

  2. Couple of great products Becca. When you have a sec, would love to hear your thoughts on Freshana Organic Solutions 100% natural, organic, safe and effective cleaning products and air purifiers as well. I think you and your readers will really like them!

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